Margot Miller  Summerhouse Studio
Margot Miller  Summerhouse Studio

Silk Screen Print Shirt


About our linen and cotton clothing…

Garments are hand painted or silkscreened using the best quality  natural fabrics. I try to find fabrics, both in colour and texture, that will work well with my designs and patterns. I search for tightly woven fabric to give good washability and the lovely drape to the fabric that linen and cotton are well known for.  I design and cut the pattern, then print or paint the fabric with industrial textile dyes.  Garments are machine washable in a delicate cycle, or wash by hand and just hang to dry.  Iron if you like the crisp look of linen, otherwise the more you wash linen, the more beautiful the fabric and the less it wrinkles.  Linen likes water, it is grown in a wet landscape as flax.  It does not like dry cleaning..this makes linen wrinkle more easily. 

  Our garments are made by Canadian women for Canadian lifestyles. We encourage you to wear these wearable art items casually.  Linen and cottons are very durable fabrics. Summerhouse Studio donates annually to various cultural and environmental fundraisers.